Stanislaw Fernandes received his graduate
education at Central St Martins College of Art &
Design in London. Originally intending to study fine
art, he changed his course of study to graphic design
to suit his growing interest in multimedia mass

After graduating and completing a post graduate
course in Filmmaking, TV and Photography at
St. Martin's, Stanislaw then joined Corgi Books in
London as a junior designer where he was soon
promoted to art director. Five years later he went
on to form and head his own design group,

Now based out of New York City, where he has
been living and working for many years, Stanislaw
continues to solve graphic design and illustration
problems for a wide range of clients. Commissioned
by a host of leading advertising agencies and
corporations, he has worked on everything from
pharmaceutical ads to major movie posters.
Experience from a long and distinguished career,
coupled with his diverse and exceptional capabilities
make Stanislaw stand out among his peers as one
of the most unique illustrators of our time.

Clients have included:
ABC. Apple Computer, AT&T, Avon, Barclays
Bank,Bayer, CBS, Citibank, Chemical Bank, CTW,
Deloitte, Discovery Magazine, Dr. Scholl, Elizabeth
Arden, Ellesse, Gloxo Wellcome, Honeywell, IBM,
International Paper Co., Life Savers,Kodak, MGM,
Noxell, Microsoft, Paine Webber, Paramont Pictures,
Perkin Elmer, Pirelli, Proctor & Gamble, Roche
Laboratories, Scandecor International, Schering,
Showtime, Sony, The Mitsui Trust Group, Toshiba,
Tristar,United Technology, US Marines, US Steel,
Warner Brothers and Western Union.

Book publishing clients include:
Avon Books, Ballantine Books, Bantam Books,
Corgi Books, Macmillans, Pan Books, Penquin
Books, Pocket Books, Random House, Scholastic,
Warner Books, John Wiley & Sons and others.

Stanislaw has been commissioned to create
covers and editorial pieces for many magazines,
including BusinessWeek, Newsweek, Omni,
Playboy and Penthouse.

His work has been shown at the New York's
Society of Illustrators' Annual Exhibitions, AIGA,
the Art Directors Clubs of New York and of New Jersey and The One Show, to name a few.

Stanislaw has been featured in Graphis Annuals,
Communication Arts, Print, Art Direction,
Airbrush Action, and in a number of other trade
publications in this field.

Some Reviews:
"Stanislaw Fernandes takes realism
and turns it into the surreal, often in a bizarre
and shocking manner. Illustrations from highly
detailed medical subjects to far out science
fiction all somehow accommodate themselves
to his dramatic, eye-poping style.

Fernandes approaches his subjects with
hard-edged, literal, realistic terms. From his
formal training in architecture and the fine arts,
he achieved a discipline that he transforms to
graphic design and illustration. But it is his
creative eye and natural talent that elevates a
craft to an art form."
Communication World

"Brilliant colors dominate Stanislaw Fernandes'
work. ...he achieves such clarity of colors that his
high-tech images often seem to have been
composed of pure light."
Airbrush Action

"...this innovative illustrator expresses himself
with intelligence and intensity."

©2003-7 Stanislaw Fernandes. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use, reproduction and public exhibition in any conceivable form is strictly prohibited.