Around the time when I stopped painting with the airbrush and I started to create my images on the computer with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, I went back to painting on canvas again.  I felt a need to paint with brushes, see my colours mixed and applied onto a canvas.  There is something very primeval in making a mark on a surface with one’s hand.  It is the very opposite of working with just one’s mind and seeing images appearing on a glass screen.  Here are a sample of my paintings, ranging from mini acrylic paintings to larger works done over several decades.

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For some years now, I have been painting a series of mini paintings depicting simple historical symbols and hieroglyphs taken from various cultures which have been used for millenniums or some that were invented only a few centuries ago.  I combined some of the petroglyphs, hieroglyphs and any other established positive symbol I found to form my miniature canvasses expressing new signs for hope.  I avoid using any of the symbols that were once associated with goodness but have since been highjacked and corrupted by highly promoted social and political movements.

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