In 1975, John R. Vogler, Art Director of Business Week Magazine from 1975 to the early 1980s, commissioned me to do my very first magazine cover for a major publisher.  Up to then I specialized in book covers and doing some record sleeves and illustrations for magazine interior spreads.  As Business Week was a weekly magazine, I only had a week to do  a cover. I would meet John at his office in the McGraw-Hill Building and we discussed the ideas for the cover.  Sometimes I had only a day to do a rush cover, mostly due to a lead story change made at the last moment.  On those super rush occasions, I would do sketches working from the briefing given to me over the telephone.  As soon as I had a good pencil drawing for the cover I would rush over to John's office for approval.  By the end of day I would return with the finished artwork ready for the printer.  Here are a few printed samples of the many covers I did for Business Week under Vogler’s directorship. There are also a few more covers in the original painting section as I do not have any reprints of them.

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