I became seriously interested in photography during my Probationary year at art college.  I found that it was a great way to capture certain scenes better and much quicker.  Using a camera also helped me to look at fine art differently as it made me aware of light and a refreshing look at picture composition.  I have always maintained that art is all around us and it did not matter to me if I used a pencil, a brush or a camera to capture what I saw.  A camera allowed me to simply frame a scene and press a button.

Here is a small sample of my photographic work.  The townscape you see below, the colours, the objects and the atmospheric conditions in each photo are exactly as what I saw when I took the photographs.  Not a single picture was setup, staged or altered in anyway.   Some minor darkroom type adjustments were made to some of the photos, such as “opening up” details in the shadows and cropping.  I look for natural atmospheric conditions to enhance my pictures and for unusual or surreal readymade settings that I come across.

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